The technological field is constantly growing and becoming more specialized. At NVT Information Technology we are able to provide ambitious, self-starting IT professionals to help achieve our clients’ goals. 
At NVT Information Technology, we are able to provide technical specialists for temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions. These options provide flexibility to our clients. Temporary employees will work until our clients' goals are accomplished. 
Working with NVT Information Technology, gives our clients access to a pool of prequalified professionals. The high standard we set for our employees allow us to consistently provide our clients with hard working, goal- oriented employees. During hard economic times, our employees are a smart option to alleviate the workload of your business. Whether our client is a big or small company, they can be sure they will receive quality work with NVT Information Technology.

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring can be very time consuming. NVT Information Technology is the answer. Every candidate goes through a background check and testing to determine their skills, talents, and strengths. The rigorous process ensures that each client is given an employee who fits their requirements. We also pay competitive hourly wages to attract the best talents and inspire our employees to achieve our clients' goals.
The high-standards we set for our employees allow us to consistently provide clients with employees who will strive to reach our clients’. During uncertain economic times, our employees are a smart decision to help alleviate the workload of our clients. Whether our client is a small or large business, they can rest assured that they will always be provided with the quality work they deserve. NVT provides our clients with a competitive edge to stay ahead of their competitors.
NVT Information Technology is able to provide employees specialized in:
  • Information Technology
  • System Integration Solutions
  • Enterprise System Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Web Technologies
  • IT Technical Support
  • Help Desk/ Technical Services Infrastructure Management
  • Call center support Development and administration
  • Hardware and software support Server management administration
  • Desktop support Storage management
  • Packaged software support Backup and recovery/business continuity
  • Technical trainers Design architecture
  • Security Networking
  • Firewall implementation and maintenance Administration and maintenance
  • Virus protection Design
  • Encryption Management
  • Intrusion detection/penetration testing Implementation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Wireless
  • Messaging administration
  • IT Application Development
  • Project Management/Business Analysis Data/Database Management
  • Business intelligence Database design and development
  • Workflow processes Development administration/management
  • Implementation Data modeling
  • Development lifecycle Database monitoring
  • Change management
  • Internet/Intranet Development
  • Design architecture Application development
  • Development and administration Technical writing
  • Web administration Web Development
  • Programming
  • Architecture
  • Systems/requirements analysis
  • Systems standards and policies
  • Q&A testing

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